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CBS Pesach Page 2024/5784

Visit us here for all the latest Pesach Information. Make sure to scroll all the way down for:

  1. Selling Chametz
  2. Maot Chittim
  3. Pesach Schedule
  4. Download the 2024 OU Passover Guide

Two Options For Selling Chametz

  1. Download and print paper form:  Click Here
  2.  Fill out the online form:  Click Here

The Rabbi is available in person, for you to appoint him as your shaliach to sell chametz, before Mincha or after Maariv most evenings, and on Wednesdays at 12:00pm and at 1:00pm (or by appointment set up via email at 
Deadline is 4:00pm on Sunday April 21.


"Maot Chittim",  literally "wheat monies" refers to the centuries old custom of gathering wheat to provide the poor with matzah and other items for the observance of Pesach.  Today we fulfill this mitzvah by making monetary contributions which we distribute to those in need by funding Passover meals and assisting with the purchase of Kosher for Passover staples.  

‘Maot Chittim’ (Passover funds for the poor) is one of the most significant observances of the Passover holiday. Please open your heart and donate to the CBS Maot Chittim Fund 


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Tue, July 16 2024 10 Tammuz 5784