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Congregation Beth Sholom’s Linda Mitgang Z’L Learning Initiative offers many exciting and engaging educational opportunities on a wide variety of Jewish topics that aims to reach across the wide spectrum of our membership in age, experience, interest, and background.   Along with classes and shiurim on Shabbat morning and afternoon, our Rabbis and educators offer a daily Daf Yomi shiur, a weekly Gemara class, a weekly Torah Zoomcast, and a monthly men’s and women’s learning group that (when not in pandemic) meet in various members’ homes.  In addition, our youth programming (from Shabbat morning groups to our various programs and events) is guided by our vision of instilling in our children a love passion for Torah, Israel, and Jewish life.   Our CBSTorah WhatsApp group offers a diverse set of short divrei torah, words of inspiration, and shiurim from our rabbinic staff, and our Torah Weekly is published in print and online for our members to enjoy.


    Join Our CBSTorah WhatsApp Group

As part of the Linda Mitgang z”l Learning Initiative, we have launched the CBS Torah WhatsApp Group! Already 50 participants have joined the group to regularly hear a diverse set of short divrei torah, words of inspiration, and shiurim from the Beth Sholom Rabbinic Team. This is a simple way to easily add Torah learning to your daily schedule, whether at home or on your commute.

Sign Up Instructions: To sign up, if you already have the WhatsApp app, simply tap this link on your smartphone to join. If you do not have WhatsApp installed, the link will provide you with the option to download the application in order to join.

Scholars in Residence and Guest Speakers

CBS regularly hosts engaging and world renowned scholars in residence and guest lecturers and partners with organizations in bringing the CBS community a rich and diverse array of educational content on topics that relate to the Jewish community and Israel.

Some of our recent notable speakers include:

  • Rabbi David Fohrman
  • Dr. Elana Stein Hain
  • Rabbi Ari Kahn
  • Rabbi J. J. Schachter
  • Rabbi Mark Wildes
  • Rabbi Ari Lamm
  • Dan Mariaschin
  • Dr. David Pelcovitz
  • Rabbi Natan Slifkin
  • Rabbi Yehuda Sarna & Dr. Michelle Waldman Sarna

If you are interested in sponsoring a scholar-in-residence or a guest speaker, please contact the CBS office for more information.  We are always open to your ideas on exciting visiting speakers!

About the Linda Mintgang a"h Learning Initiative

The Linda Mitgang a"h Learning Initiative is dedicated to providing CBS' full array of Torah learning opportunities for all ages and interests.  The Mitgang family felt that this would be an appropriate tribute to their wife and mother, Linda Mitgang, a"h.  Linda Mitgang, a"h, was an extraordinary wife and mother.  She was an active member of the Beth Sholom and greater Five Towns community for almost 40 years.  Together with her husband Charlie, she lovingly raised her family with the values of a strong commitment to Torah education.  Linda was a very intelligent and growth oriented person who instilled this value in her children and grandchildren.  She loved to read and to learn new things.  She enjoyed hearing the Rabbi's weekly drasha and attending shiurim, often with her children.  She was so proud to be part of a thriving community.

Beth Sholom is deeply grateful to Dr. Charles Mitgang and family for their extraordinary generosity to our Shul and community.

Tue, May 24 2022 23 Iyyar 5782