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A special note from our long-standing member, Joe Grob:

As many of you know, because my oldest Dana Grob, served as a Lone Soldier in the IDF, I have become an ambassador of sorts for the Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin h'yd ("the LSC")

The LSC is the premier organization that assists Lone Soldiers in Israel on and off base.  They help before, during and after service.   There is NO other organization that assists Lone Soldiers the way that the LSC does. 

The LSC always needs your support morally and financially.  Right now, the LSC is in the middle of a campaign to set up a Home for Female Lone Soldiers. Our community alone has produced at least 5 Lone Female Soldiers in the last five years.  We need to help and support these brave women. 

Please watch the video posted above.  The Lone Female Soldiers can best explain the need for this home.

If you would like to help with this honorable cause, please follow the link below to make a donation and please note that sponsorship opportunities and naming rights are available.  

Make a donation of $72 or more to the Bayit LaChayalot and I'll send you a "Support Your Local Lone Soldier" T-Shirt for free. The artwork for the shirt was done by Tamara Heller, the daughter of Beth Sholom Members Deborah and Alan Heller. Just send me an email at with a copy of the receipt for the donation and we will work out the details of getting you the shirt.   

Fri, December 8 2023 25 Kislev 5784